Powerful data collection and analytics software for refrigeration systems and HVAC systems.

Insightful Analytics and Innovative Software

After decades of listening to and learning from our clients and coming to understand the critical need for energy efficiency, Neelands established Kalder energy management and data analytics software in 2016. The purpose of this proprietary technology is to allow for better, more proactive decisions, and to help the food retailer cut costs, prevent product loss, and minimize equipment failure.

Energy Savings with Kalder Software

Maintenance Costs

Energy Costs


Integrated Monitoring

Matched to your unique business and operational needs, Kalder software provides 24/7 remote support for:

  • IoT Cloud Data Collection, Analytics, and Reporting: Monitor Your Refrigeration in One Place
  • Remote Access Management: Access Your Systems Anywhere, Anytime
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Track Your Performance 24/7
  • Critical Alarm Monitoring: Pinpoint Refrigeration Issues as They Happen

Comprehensive Analytics

Benefit from measurable performance, detailed financial results, and extended life cycles using Kalder’s simple, web-based dashboard. Kalder’s Performance Lifecycle Maintenance dashboard provides instant measurement; logging systems that provide the ability to diagnose and adjust for predictive alerts and appropriate maintenance activities.

This powerful data and diagnostic software help businesses optimize equipment performance, decrease downtime, increase efficiencies, and deliver energy savings. The value of this comprehensive toolset has been acknowledged by governments who are, depending on the situation, offering incentives of between 50% and 100% for implementation.

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