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Automated controls, specifically designed to manage your systems, will facilitate your monitoring, energy usage, mechanical operations, performance, and system issues in real-time. A proud member of the Micro Thermo Alliance, we offer a wide variety of customized system controls.

Neelands specializes in building automation and controls to integrate,
monitor and manage all mechanical systems.

Automated Controls

We understand that your systems must operate, efficiently and with minimum downtime, in order to maximize profits. Our professionals design controls systems and automation using today’s latest advancements in software and technology, to manage energy usage, mechanical operations, performance and systems issues in real-time.

Control Integration Options

Our controls system designs are infinitely flexible, user friendly and deliver the functionality required. Access can vary from system wide remote platforms to single location service panels.

Neelands controls installations options allow clients to control and monitor:

Neelands is breaking new ground in systems control and energy management, with the development of its Kalder refrigeration performance, analytics and monitoring software. Learn how to save over 20% on energy and maintenance costs with Kalder.

Controls – Vendor Choices

Neelands offers a variety of system and building automation controls, including:

  • Micro Thermo
  • Emerson E2 Platform
  • Danfoss Adap-Kool System
  • Reliable Controls
  • Novar

Our comprehensive control options can be matched with Kalder custom monitoring tools such as Critical Alarm Monitoring, Remote Access Management, Intelligent Monitoring, IoT Dashboards, to complete the package.

Learn more about Neelands control systems integration and BAS services.

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